It took a big leap of faith to believe in my own ability to create content. I had spent so much of my career working and developing content for brands or other people, that the thought of standing behind my own work as an author was quite frankly, terrifying. I had to get over myself, and quickly.  Through the support of friends, family and colleagues, I did. 

One of my favorite upcoming projects is also one that comes from my heart. The Dead Lucky, a new  Image Comics book series debuting later this year as part of the Massive-Verse was inspired by the experiences of the many army veterans I’ve known in my life, most importantly my girlfriend.  Featuring art by French Carlomagno, colors by Mattia Iacono, suit design by Federico Sabbatini, letters by Becca Carey, and edited by Michael Busutill, it tells a story that is incredibly personal to me and means so much. 

Being able to write this book is a literal dream come true, and I couldn’t have done it without the support of the Black Market Narrative team. Kyle Higgins (Radiant Black,  Power Rangers) and Michael Busutill have been incredible champions and mentors for me, and I can’t wait to reveal more information! Until then, have a look at our Issue 01 Main Cover and our protagonist’s suit design below! 

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